wilds cast season 2

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Meanwhile, elsewhere in the sideways world, Locke got religion. He became the man of faith that we all know and love when Ben told him what Desmond said while beating Dr. Linus. So Locke has decided that it is indeed time to fix his legs. Speaking of Ben, he got invited to wilds cast dinner at his favorite student Alex's house with her mother. It goes without saying that it was nice to see Danielle again especially all dressed up like a normal person as opposed to a crazy Island hermit. After dinner, it almost seemed like there was a love connection between Ben and Danielle. I could be reading that wrong but it sure seemed like something to me. I still have no idea what will happen when all the sideways characters get together in the finale, but a fair number of them are setup for the meeting and I'm sure the rest will be drawn together by Desmond during the epic finale on Sunday.