the wilds cast season 2 seth

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A week after the most divisive episode in the history of the series, I was very curious about the follow-up. For the record, I enjoyed "Across the Sea" even if it was perplexing at times. If nothing else, it was essential for tonight's episode. I was very glad to see Desmond the wilds cast season 2 again even if it was only in the sideways world. I really thought he was about to run Locke down again so I totally shocked when he got out of his car and beat Ben to a pulp...just like old times! Ben even had a flash of Desmond beating him at the marina in "Dead Is Dead." But Desmond wasn't done yet! He turned himself in to Sawyer who put him in a jail cell with Sayid (very glad to see him again!) in a cell next to Kate. Desmond still wasn't finished gathering up sideways Losties thanks to a deal he made with Ana Lucia who released them to Hurley while she was transporting them to county lockup. I loved Hurley's line asking if Ana Lucia was coming with them. His meeting with Libby had an even more profound effect than I had thought! It appears that the climactic meeting of everyone in the sideways world will be at the benefit concert at Miles' dad's museum.