the wilds season 2 cast ages

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I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to find out whose name is at 108 degrees on the Lighthouse bearing. My first guess would be Kate since she was conspicuously absent from the list we saw in the cave last week as was the number in question. But this number is the wilds season 2 cast supposed to correspond to someone who needs to come to the Island. In that case, I'm thinking it belongs to someone like Desmond or Charles Widmore. No sense in worrying about it now though; we'll find out when they want us to find out. I loved the callbacks to Season 1 as Jack and Hurley were trekking to the Lighthouse. Not only did they find Shannon's long lost asthma inhaler but they actually mentioned Adam Eve! I loved Hurley's time-travel theory about the identities of the skeletons. I only hope this scene serves as a reminder to LOST fans who may have forgotten about the skeletons in the caves and is not the last we hear about Adam Eve. I suspect it is the former.