cast of the wilds season 2

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Back on the Island, I thought Hurley was in top form; funny as hell and taking charge thanks to help from Jacob. But what is the deal with Jacob? Is he just playing with Hurley? Making him take the sad, pathetic Jack across the Island for a task that he knew Jack wouldn't be able to do correctly? Seriously? Island Jack needs an attitude adjustment and fast! He is a tremendous contradiction. He never listened to cast of the wilds Locke in the past and went out of his way to do the opposite. Fine. But then after he left the Island he want back on faith (not just because he was "broken and hoped to be fixed" but also because Locke told him Christian wanted to say hello) and was zapped to 1977! He set off a hydrogen bomb and didn't die but rather zapped forward to 2007! He saw Sayid die and then come back to life! But he thinks it's strange that his childhood home could be seen from the mirror in the Lighthouse? We all want answers but he needs some anger management! When he broke those mirrors my stomach just sunk. He is so pathetic and selfish it hurts. Jacob told Hurley that Jack has an important job to do and as long as it involves messing something up, Jacob's picked the right guy!