What Are the Caldicott Principles in Healthcare?

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The Caldicott principles were developed in the UK in 1997 in response to recommendations made by the caldicott inquiry. The inquiry was set up to investigate how patient information was used and shared within the health care system.

The caldicott principles are a set of eight principles that provide guidance on how patient information should be used and shared. The principles are:

caldicott principles
1. patient information should be used effectively for the benefit of patients;
2. patient confidentiality should be respected at all times;
3. patient information should be shared only on a need-to-know basis;
4. sharing patient information should be proportionate to the benefit that will be achieved;
5. access to patient information should be controlled and monitored;
6. use of patient information systems should be secure;
7. use ofpatient information systems should be audited; and,
8. caldicott guardians should be appointed to oversee the use of patient information.