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What the hell is going on? What's wrong with that guy named Ma? Why did he run away? "You let her go!"

What the hell is going on? What's wrong with that guy named Ma? Why did he run away? "You let her go!" Yundi stood up. If you reach out and push her out, she hits the wall heavily and falls to the ground in pain. Ron tried to spring to his feet, but his chest ached. If you turn your head, "What do you want?" Then he kicked over the bed. Crystal left and right to find where there is water for her to cast magic, only to see a row of medicine bottles on the wooden frame beside the wall, she waved the colorful medicine bottles all flew up, inverted the bottle mouth in the air, and shot a water arrow at if. Be careful with my potion! Before Stina had finished shouting, she was lifted up and blocked in front of her. At the moment when the water arrow shot into her body, the crystal waved its hand, and the water arrow turned into an arc, bypassing Stina and shooting at if. If you throw away a big step after Stina's jump, you will quickly wield the sword. When the water arrow hits the sword, the color beads will splash, but if the crystal is tight again, the color beads will turn into shrapnel and shoot at if. If he turned around, all the drops of water hit his armor and helmet, and plumes of white smoke rose. At this time,side impact door beams, Yundi recovered his breath, and a ball of light flew to if. If he raised the knife again, the ball of light exploded on the surface of the knife. Stop, don't fight! Hustina shouted, but it didn't work. Yustina was so angry that she cast a spell. If you suddenly feel that your body is lifted up, and then a strong force throws him out, he crashes through the wall and flies out,aluminium coated tubes, falling down in the yard. He jumped to his feet, but he only looked at Justina. Yustina also stood there in a daze, as if frightened by what she had done. If be stupefied a long time, say suddenly: "I am wrong..." It's so wrong to be rude to the daughter of the dark count. Just now, the patron saint of darkness was punishing me. Thunder rolled in the night, like a giant saying something in a very low voice, and gradually disappeared. If a cold sweat breaks out on your head. What did you hear? In the secret room, Kant asked the head. The head was also stunned there. Patronus of darkness, oh no, someone has used such a summoning spell, "he paused, as if his voice had been suppressed by something." Disaster is coming.. " wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 19 Nightcrawler At the same moment of the battle between the underground undead army and the demon army, side impact beams ,side impact beams, it was another dark night on the ground. At the foot of Mount Canth, a demon army sneaked out of a secret exit in the mountain, wearing the same armor as if, and leading their mounts. The horses of the Demons look more like the Terrans, but they are taller. As a result of living underground for a long time, they have heavy hooves like iron and hard and strong fur. The biggest difference from the horses of the Terrans is that the eyes of these horses shine red in the dark. Like their masters, darkness is their broadest stage. Under the leadership of the Black Knight Dak Zhaowu, the Demon Cavalry quickly rushed to the casting point of the Dark Guardian Power sensed underground. As they galloped through the outskirts of a town, a farmer who had come out in the middle of the night to relieve himself was attracted by the roar of hooves. He approached the road, thinking that the Terran Knights were returning to their castle, but he saw dozens of pairs of red dim sparks passing in front of them. Suddenly, one of them turned his head and stared at him. The poor old farmer felt cold all over. He thought he was having a nightmare and would go back to bed quickly so that he could forget what he had seen. Thousands of miles away, the capital of the Yiya Dynasty, Orapede, was sleeping, and there were no brilliant lights, only the palace in the inner city was still brightly lit. Terrible reports of the reappearance of the Demons from the city of Kilogang and from the snowy mountains on the border of Rifar were placed in front of King Ayigu, making it difficult for him to sleep. Do you think this is a sign that the Demons are reviving? Oh, the earth has been quiet for three hundred years. Why should I hear such news when I am on the throne. ” "The kings of all countries are as sleepless as you, your beloved king, but according to my divination from the stars, the Demons have not become strong, on the contrary, they are weakening, perhaps only one breath left, just like the golden star in the dark nebula, which has now turned dark red and is about to go out, which also indicates the fate of the Demon King." It's the best sentence of God Cass to the Demons. Cassius, the royal priest of the Ritual Church, waved his silver staff gracefully, as if he had a plan in mind. Where is it? "Behold my beloved king," said Cassioli, bringing King Aigu to the balcony and showing him. The sky was bluish blue, but it was darkening in the southeast, where the dark nebula was located, and one of the dim, almost invisible stars was shining with a faint red light. Oh, it's good news! Where is the constellation that symbolizes my Dynasty? Ayigu asked excitedly. Cassius froze for a moment, then pointed to a brilliant nebula at the other end of the sky. "There, right there.." "It looks crowded." It is a sign of vitality and prosperity! Don't you think this is an opportunity, Your Majesty? "What?"? It seems that you have a good proposal. Ayigu turned his head and looked at Cassioli with interest. The reason why the Demons appeared on the ground,Cold Drawn Tubes, according to my guess, is that they must have encountered a crisis underground, otherwise they would never dare to return to the ground at the risk of re-arousing the wrath of the Supreme God when the Demon King was still sealed somewhere unknown in the world. "But perhaps they are the devil who has come to find them." 。