My wife falls in love with me

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Hurriedly walked past, slightly hesitated, sat beside Liu Qing, saw their strange atmosphere, forced a smile

Hurriedly walked past, slightly hesitated, sat beside Liu Qing, saw their strange atmosphere, forced a smile: "Liu Qing, let me introduce to you, this is my good sister, Yun Jinlan." "Sister Jinlan, this is Liu Qing." Dong Xinfei introduced to Yun Jinlan again. She finished the introduction, but suddenly saw two people, it seems that even the eyelids have not blinked half, is still the appearance of their old gods, for a time, but also felt the strange atmosphere between them. The woman's intuition gave her a bad hint. Could it be that these two people knew each other before? Moreover, it seems that the relationship is not simple, the heart suddenly beat up, you know, Yun Jinlan is a very good woman, so good that even Dong Xinfei, also has a bit of fear. However, she is smart, but also no longer words, just in the dark, and then gently leaned against Liu Qing,plastic bulk containers, making the distance between the two more into some. At this point, it was the turn of the three people to be silent. The lattice was silent for a long time. When a cigarette was finished, Liu Qing pinched the cigarette butt heavily in the ashtray. He had some doubts, but he still asked: "Are you a frequent visitor here?" "Yes, but what does that have to do with you?" Yun Jinlan answered coldly, but in the depths of his tone, there was a trill that even Liu Qing could not find. Indeed, it doesn't matter! Liu Qing stood up slowly,plastic pallet crates, shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, 'Miss Yun, I'm sorry to bother you. With that, he put his clothes on his shoulders, turned around quickly, and continued to go back to the bar. After three or two mouthfuls, he finished the rest of Erguotou, burped heavily, and walked out of the door. Knowing that Liu Qing's figure disappeared in the line of sight, Dong Xinfei gently withdrew his eyes. From his back, he seemed to have read something, something that touched her. Before that, Liu Qing had a high status in her heart. Even in front of him, he had a feeling of looking up, palpitation and panic. The impact of that incident on her was too profound. It became a deep mark in his life that could not be erased. In addition, Liu Qing this person also gave her arrogant, unruly. Even with the bad impression of indifference to anything. But this moment. Dong Xinfei is in that figure, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet suppliers, read out the loneliness, decadence, and even the thick desolation. All of a sudden, Liu Qing that has been built in her heart of the distinct image, and began to blur up, this mysterious man of unknown origin, which woman, can really understand him? The two women were silent for a long time, and Dong Xinfei said lightly, "Why did you cheat him?"? It's your first time here, but you have to admit that you are a frequent visitor here? Then people say that you often keep a small white face. Why don't you explain? Yun Jinlan that pair of clear eyes, emerged a touch of sadness, even if it is trying to hide, is still unable to control, that trembling slender eyelashes. There are some things that are useless to explain. Besides, I am a woman who has married several husbands. Now I am at the age of the most vigorous experience, and I have some spare money on hand. It is normal for others to guess that I keep a gigolo. Dong Xinfei gently lowered his head, pretty face gently sank down, before also do not care what others say about themselves, but, at this moment, Dong Xinfei is not like those rumors about themselves, that Liu Qing, is it because of their bad reputation, is very cold to themselves? You're right. Some things are useless to explain. Yun Jinlan sighed faintly, "You must have seen it.". Something did happen between me and him, but it's over now. Between us, there is no possibility of being together forever. "But I can see that he still cares about you!" Although Dong Xinfei did not want to say so, he still bit his lip and said this sentence. Yun Jinlan was silent again. After a long time, she took a sip of red wine and said in a slightly hoarse voice, "He can never give me what I want. He is like a colorful riddle that can never be solved for me.". It is easy for people to indulge in, unable to extricate themselves, Feifei, whether you want to find some excitement, or find a dependence, I advise you to stay away from this person, he is a double-edged sword, while bringing you excitement and novelty, it will also deeply hurt you, although that kind of injury is not necessarily his original wish. Dong Xinfei was also silent for a long time, with a touch of bitterness on the corners of her mouth. "I guess you seem to be in a bad mood recently, like you have emotional problems, so it's easy to pull you to relax. Who knows, the poison in you and me comes from the same man. I don't know what you have developed into with him.". But now I know very well that I have been completely conquered by him. Even if the body has not surrendered, but my heart, has already been completely captured by him. Chapter 235 when I'm a hair dryer. "Little Qinger, you say, you say what's good about that bastard man?"? How could you be blind and marry such a bastard husband? Wen Ren Jing Hong, dressed in a tight red leather suit. He pouted and angrily took off his boots. Sitting on the sofa in the living room, I just bought a lot of things and threw them beside the sofa. I was angry with Liu Qing today. I'm afraid that even if this life adds up, there is not so much, previously also estimated that Liu Qing is the husband of his close friend in the boudoir. And left three points of face. But now. But there is only one thought,drum spill pallet, while his good friend Mu Wanqing is still young, early to persuade him to divorce. Mu Sun Yat-sen's face sank and she was just about to speak. But saw his aunt from the kitchen brought out a pot of hot porridge came out, busy to meet up to help: "aunt.". Didn't you go home? Why did you come back suddenly in two days? 。