The ancestor of all demons

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Yu Qin Zhong. Suddenly burst out a layer of rich jade light, the whole piece of jade lute, with a trace of strange

Yu Qin Zhong. Suddenly burst out a layer of rich jade light, the whole piece of jade lute, with a trace of strange breath. At that moment, Yuqin seemed to get a great benefit. Is this the essence of the magic weapon in Ruyi Gold Brick? Emperor Shi Tian was stunned for a moment, but he immediately guessed that in the jade lute, there was a nine-day nine-pole return array. This array, in the ancient books and records of refining utensils, says that it can absorb the essence of other magic weapons to strengthen the power of its own life utensils. The more it swallows, the more chances it will have to be promoted to a higher level. As far as the original utensils are concerned, the essence of the magic weapon is a great tonic. Emperor brother, or you are fierce, if not for you, this time really let this despicable person to escape. The Black Ape King got up from the ground, and on his huge body, you could see numerous wounds on his chest. Blood is flowing down, even standing up, the body is shaking, obviously, under the self-explosion of the magic weapon, this time no matter who, more or less suffered heavy losses. Get up. Seeing Li Canglan's decapitated body, he could not help saying in a deep voice. The gold brick just exploded. It's terrible. The red-crowned crane king has lost a lot of feathers, apparently damaged in the explosion. Medusa's colorful light flashed,Automatic nail machine, the snake under her body recovered in a twinkling of an eye, and the snake on her head returned to the same black show as a normal person, but her face was a little pale. Looking at the monsters that Emperor Shitian and others had come to help, a trace of unspeakable color flashed through their cold eyes. They opened their red lips lightly and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this time I, Medusa, have been plotted against by villains.". Only when everyone comes to help,wire nail machine manufacturers, can we save the day and turn the corner. Medusa remembers this feeling in her heart. Although the words are plain, the firmness in her tone gives people a sense of dignity. Medusa herself is a little cold, which may have something to do with her identity. However, what she says has always been the most important thing. Now it is said in mind that it is undoubtedly a sign that she has received this kindness. Medusa, your words are too strong. As soon as Emperor Shi Tian thought about it, the jade harp turned into a ray of jade light, and the swift front entered his body. He stood up and said with a straight face, "This time the immortal cultivator took advantage of your robbery to attack us. It was originally a provocation to our southern barbarians. If we don't kill him, how can our southern barbarians gain a foothold?". This time I came here to help, and then to restore the majesty of my southern barbarians. At this time, the field Besides, this is indeed the case. Hey, what the emperor brothers said went to my heart. The Black Ape King laughed a few times and scratched his head. "Now," he said, "with you and our southern barbarians, we have two strong men who have really become demons. Strength greatly increased, Nail machine manufacturer ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, how can let those monks succeed. With you, next time we go to the ruins, we can go further. Obviously, he has one more demon for the southern barbarians. Be greatly excited. The monster is only the lowest level of the demon clan. Only by crossing the plunder and condensing the inner alchemy can it be regarded as the real demon clan. Now, so to speak. Here, only Medusa can really be regarded as a demon, can be called a demon. The King of the Hades took one look at Medusa, waved his wings, turned around and left with a group of crows. Sister Medusa. The younger sister also wants to go back to heal, this matter, the elder sister does not have to take to heart. We southern barbarians have not been reduced to the point of being bullied by immortals. At the worst, you will fight them to the death. Red-crowned Crane King also said, with a trace of fatigue in his voice, and then waved his wings and rose into the air. Go back south. See you when the ruins open. The Golden Lion King nodded and turned away. Every few words, the Black Ape King also left, and for a moment, only Medusa and Emperor Shitian plus Zhu Bird were left on the battlefield, which had been very lively before. Medusa looked at Emperor Shitian with a strange twinkle in her eyes. She was silent and said, "Emperor Shitian, I want to ask you something. Of course.". If you don't want to talk. I won't force it. She had already said that this was a kindness from the southern barbarian monster. Naturally, she had not said anything about the previous thing. Now she suddenly asked about it. Obviously, what she asked was related to Emperor Shitian. Consult? Murphy. It's because of the seven evil harps. Emperor Shi Tian's heart turned sharply. His mind turned quickly, and in a twinkling of an eye, an idea came to his mind. In fact, he had long been aware of it. Medusa's eyes drifted away from time to time in the jade harp when he took out the seven evil harps. Obviously, it's very attractive to her. Of course, he will never give up the seven sins. Excuse me Emperor Shi Tianhu's eyes burst into light and looked straight into Medusa's eyes. The address of this site has been changed to: Biyu, delete please log on 6 to read! "Just that piece of jade harp," Medusa wanted to ask, really not unexpected, really related to the jade harp, but. She didn't want the jade lute. After a pause, she hesitated for a moment and asked, "Is that jade lute the magic weapon you made?" Although it was an inquiry, his tone was very positive. Obviously, this is just a little trick for her to draw out the topic. I see. Emperor Shi Tian heard that the heart leader would, and Yi Ran guessed that she wanted to ask something. There was a flash of light in the tiger's eyes. Said: "You want to ask things, I have probably guessed, but I also want to ask you something, in my opinion, it seems that" here is not appropriate to talk about these things. " With these words, he turned his head and looked around. All around, there were many broken stones piled up on the ground, which made it look very messy. This is a good opportunity to understand the demon clan. In the heart secretly said, however, the mouth then said: "If you are interested, it is better to wait for you to recover from the injury, and then come to my Valley of Ten Thousand Demons, then talk about it." When Medusa heard this, there was a strange light in her eyes. She looked at him with a deep meaning and said,High Speed Nail Making Machine, "You are really different.". I will go to the Valley of Ten Thousand Demons. Finish saying, also turn round to leave. The vermilion bird was obviously worried about Medusa, waving its wings and following everything away. It seems that this is the style of the demon clan. Walking one by one can be described as quite crisp and free and easy.