A collection of essays by Zhu Ziqing

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A collection of essays by Zhu ZiqingA collection of essays by Zhu ZiqingA collection of essays by Zhu ZiqingA collection of essays by Zhu Ziqing

Since the May 4th Movement, the life of the group has developed. This or that group is as concrete as the family, unlike the social state, which can sometimes be just abstract nouns. Group life turns the original irrelevant others into relevant others, requiring you to train yourself to take care of others, at least the vast relevant others. It seems that the binding force of the group has been increasing, and they have to think about others. The belief that oneself is the first and oneself is above everything seems to have gradually lowered its head. But the great era of the War of Resistance came. There is no doubt that the strength of the War of Resistance stems from the development of group life in the past 20 years. However, since the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan, group life has developed too fast, and there are many places here and there where there is still no balance. The individual again stands out and is above everything else, but now he does not speak of "truth" or "falsehood", but does selfish things in the name of the sacred war of resistance, nominally for the sake of others, but actually for his own sake. If you are above everything else, your own group or organization will be above everything else; if you are fat, your own organization will be fat, others will be thin, and other organizations will be thin! Thin, hungry, deserve it! Believe that when the final victory comes,Vegetable oil filling machine, others will always suppress those rampant and despicable themselves. I have been so rampant these years that I always hope to suppress its head. Naturally, it is not necessarily good to take care of others. He is indeed a hero, but it is hard to see him. What is common is either a perfunctory and compromising wish, or a humble or even flattering wretch, who just throws himself into the garbage heap! However, it is well said that life is a matter of proportion. Now I am baring my teeth and brandishing my claws, and treating the head when the head hurts and treating the foot when the foot hurts. Let's think more about others first! Written on August 16, 1942. (Originally published in Wen Ju) ww w . xia oshu otxt.co m On sincerity Small! Say ! txt! God . Don On sincerity Honesty is character,PET blow moulding machine, but it is also attitude. In the past, when we talked about people's honesty and falsehood, it was probably in terms of character. Honesty, sincerity, and sincerity are the virtues of a gentleman; dishonesty is a deceitful villain. Character is half generation and half cultivation; the expression of character in nature is the whole person. To say that a man is an honest gentleman or a deceitful villain is to settle accounts for his deeds. A gentleman is probably always a gentleman, and a villain is probably always a villain. Although the temperament can be changed, the coffin can determine the person, that is only some special cases. However, in a society, there are not too many such stereotyped gentlemen and villains, and ordinary people are floating and sinking between these two realms. The so-called ups and downs means that these people can not grasp themselves, and there are times of fraud. This is also out of nature. On the other hand, these people sometimes consciously add or subtract their sincerity to people and things to adapt to the situation. This is the attitude. Attitude is not necessarily a reflection of character; an honest friend will tell a lie or something when he has to. Attitude comes from necessity, from the necessity of life or society, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,Edible oil filling machine, which is unavoidable for ordinary people. This is a project of "worldly wisdom and human feelings". Sometimes it can be forgiven, sometimes it can even be tolerated. There are many changes in attitudes, which may be more interesting in the modern and changeable society. The words "sincerity", "sincerity" and "hypocrisy" that we often say in our mouths and write in our pens are probably all based on attitudes. But it seems to be too strict for ordinary people to use these words. In their opinion, there are too many people who are insincere and insincere. Young people, on the other hand, are almost hypocritical in looking at people and things in society except themselves. It seems too broad to use the word "hypocrisy" in this way. These are the same as the old gentlemen who say that "people's hearts are not ancient, and the world is getting worse and worse". Ordinary people seem to confuse character with attitude, and so do young people, but they add all kinds of illusions of "innocence" and "purity". The character of honesty is indeed rare, but to err is human, and in either case, perfection or sages are rare. I'm afraid we can only be more lenient, humble and not very high, and focus on the attitude. Otherwise, there will be too many unnecessary troubles and disputes. As for innocence and purity, it seems that it is only the duty of children-old children are really not pleasing to the eye. But if a person is always so innocent and pure, he may not have anything to give others too much trouble. Some people praise "childlike innocence" and "childishness", which are limited to small programs that have nothing to do with the general situation, and take them to adjust the atmosphere of the flat panel. If the important moment is the same, then I am afraid that innocence is only capricious, I am afraid that purity is only ignorance. Fortunately, insincerity, insincerity, hypocrisy and so on have become pet phrases, and most people just follow everyone's words, frowning at most, smiling coldly, and expressing helplessness. Nature is not short of serious, but it has suffered itself, and even suffered others. Young people tend to be serious and dissatisfied, and their dissatisfaction is often the driving force of social reform. But they also have to be careful that if they are too serious about the distinction between honesty and falsehood, they may become nihilists. There is a distinction between people and people and things, and it is most difficult for words and deeds to be appropriate. Sincerity is indispensable, but the differences are different, so there is no harm in adding or subtracting some points. This is where all the courtesies or formalities come from. Some people say that etiquette is the art of life, and the original intention of etiquette should be so. The so-called politeness in daily life is also a kind of courtesy or interlude. Some people feel that politeness is too rigid and not sincere, which is not a sincere attitude. These people advocate spontaneity and nature. It's okay to be spontaneous and natural, but it depends on people. It would be a little wild to see a stranger like this. Even acquaintances, unrestrained spontaneity is not natural. Couples are ripe, and sometimes they have to "respect each other as guests", which others can imagine. In short, in different situations, frankness can naturally express sincerity, politeness can also express sincerity,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but the degree of sincerity is different. Politeness should be generous and in line with status, otherwise it is too much sincerity; too much sincerity, sincerity is too cheap. gzxilinear.com