Its all the moons fault.

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Zhou Chong also played a joke on him: "My son is a stubborn donkey, can only follow the hair, can not go against

Zhou Chong also played a joke on him: "My son is a stubborn donkey, can only follow the hair, can not go against, otherwise, it will be fried hair!"! Just look at the hair. Apart from Zhou Chong, few people talk about his hair. Zhou Ziheng made up his mind to comb Mingyue's hair, but Mingyue poured a basin of cold water on him. He quit immediately and stiffened his neck: "My hair is short, so I can't comb it well. Your hair is long, so I'm sure I can comb it well." Seeing that Ming Yue still looked hesitant, he said insolently, "I use my bird as a guarantee." Zhou Ziheng had just told Ming Daichuan that Ming Daichuan was naturally not curious about his bird. But Ming Yue is different. Ming Yue was in the middle class, and the difference between men and women was not very clear. She did not know what the bird in Zhou Ziheng's mouth was, but seeing that Zhou Ziheng was so firm, she could only promise him. As soon as Ming Yue compromised, Zhou Ziheng was in a happy mood. A tuft of shaggy hair swayed back and forth proudly. Ming Yue's mood was calmed down, and Jiang Shuangli's heart was put down a little. What she couldn't give up most was her little daughter, who was sometimes confused and sometimes smart and lovely, which made her feel painful. This time I went to London for two years. Ming Daichuan could naturally come to see her by plane,plastic pallet box, but Ming Yue was different. She was so young that she could not stand the long journey. Jiang Shuangli was reluctant to give up. He only hoped that he could finish his studies as soon as possible and return home as soon as possible. On the day of leaving Nancheng, the weather suddenly turned cold, and the cold current of Siberia went south. Ming Yue wore a bright red cotton-padded jacket and a woolen hat to bid farewell to Jiang Shuangli at the railway station. The more it was time to check in the train, the more reluctant Jiang Shuangli was to give up his daughter and hold her in his arms. Mingyue wears a lot, and the rabbit hair piping on her cotton-padded jacket makes her look like a little white rabbit, ignorant and ignorant. Parting is common in the station. The broadcast urged one after another, urging people to leave. Jiang Shuangli's eyes were red and he asked Ming Yue,plastic bulk containers, "Will the little moon miss her mother?" "I would think." Mingyue's little hand touched Jiang Shuangli's face, her hand was covered warm, Jiang Shuangli's face was a little cold. Jiang Shuangli listened to her little milk voice, and felt warm hands on her face, and felt pain in her heart: "Mom will miss you, too.". Mom will be back on vacation. It won't be long. You have to listen to Dad and your brother Zhou, okay? Zhou Ziheng and Zhou Chong were accompanied by Ming Yue. Now that they were named, Zhou Ziheng was quite complacent. He kept nodding on one side, and a handful of small shaggy hair swayed fiercely. Ming Yue Jiao Jiao answered: "Good." She rubbed Jiang Shuangli's face and asked, "Mom, is the moon in London the same as here at night?" She did not know where London was in the south city, nor did she know exactly where Jiang Shuangli was going. London is just two unfamiliar syllables for Ming Yue. She even thought that these were two worlds. Is it the same as the moon? Jiang Shuangli held Ming Yue in his arms and could not restrain his tears. Ming Daichuan answered for Jiang Shuangli: "Of course it is the same." The whistle of the train came clearly from the station, collapsible bulk container ,euro plastic pallet, cutting through the condensed air. Mingyue wiped Jiang Shuangli's tears with her cuff: "Mom, when you think of the small moon, just look at the moon in the sky. We are under the same moon." Children's words sound very warm. Zhou Chong and other rough people could not help patting Ming Daichuan on the shoulder: "Your daughter is really sensible." That's natural. Ming Daichuan thought. But before he could reply, Zhou Ziheng opened his mouth. He says: "That is natural, it is my wife! It is my wife!" Ming Daichuan resisted the impulse to pull out his hair and pressed down one of his stray hairs, but as soon as he let go, Zhou Ziheng's stray hair turned up again. Ming Daichuan doesn't look at Zhou Ziheng anymore. Jiang Shuangli cried out of breath. Ming Daichuan was clumsy and could not coax people. He assured Jiang Shuangli again and again: "You can rest assured that when you come back from vacation, the little moon will still look like this!" "How can it still look like this?" Jiang Shuangli hammered him, "She has to grow taller, grow up, and grow more beautiful!"! And, of course.. You don't have to be so fat. Ming Daichuan knows that if he talks too much, he will lose, and his head is like pounding garlic. Or Zhou Ziheng sweet mouth, he said: "Aunt Jiang, you can rest assured that I will take good care of the little moon, I use my bird as a guarantee." This time, Ming Daichuan no longer disliked Zhou Ziheng. When the train arrived to check in, the sound of the radio echoed in the waiting room. Ming Daichuan boarded the platform with Jiang Shuangli, and Ming Yue was brought home by Zhou's father and son. Zhou Chong sat in the front to drive, and Zhou Ziheng comforted Ming Yue in the back. Ming Yue's eyes were still red, and Zhou Ziheng spoke to her patiently. This is the best time for Zhou Ziheng's temperament. Which child in the community provoked Zhou Ziheng? Didn't Zhou ZiHeng go up with a fist? Also in front of Ming Yue, there is a bit of a sensible look. Zhou Ziheng was happy to be able to bring the little moon home because both the Ming couple had gone, but he had been looking forward to it for a long time. When he finally came, he grabbed Ming Yue's hand and tried to hide the smile on his face. Mingyue bit her fingertips, her big eyes were covered with tears, her legs were crossed, her white and tender face was looking back, and she looked like a little milk dog, and she sighed without a sound. Why are you sighing? Zhou Ziheng turned her tender steamed bun face to himself. Mingyue hugged her fat self. Oh, no, she couldn't. Jiang Shuangli and Ming Daichuan raised her according to the book when they were young. They were afraid of heat in summer and cold in winter. This morning, the temperature suddenly dropped. Jiang Shuangli dressed her in a thick suit of clothes with four or five layers. Ming Yue was also greedy. Her arms and legs were all fleshy. Once the clothes were wrapped like this, she could almost turn into a ball and roll on the ground. Thinking of his fat toot toot, Ming Yue sighed and sighed longer. "You don't understand my sadness," she said, drooping her long eyelashes. Zhou Chong, who was driving ahead, was so happy that he was out of breath. Zhou Ziheng did not mean to laugh at Ming Yue. He was very interested in his future 4th wife. He touched Mingyue's head like a little adult and said, "Didn't your mother and father leave?"? It's all Right. I'm still here! I will take you to eat delicious food every day, sauce elbow,wholesale plastic pallet, Dongpo meat, crab roe buns, guaranteed to eat better than you at home! It's all delicious.