The Best Places to Visit in Managua

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Managua the city the capital city of Nicaragua situated in small crater lakes along the southern shores of Lake Managua. Managua is just sixteen meters (50 meters) above the sea level and is considered to be among Central America's most warm capital cities.

Masaya Volcano

Take the shortcut and drive straight to the lava-sprinkling rim of Masaya Volcano (Volcan Masaya) located within Managua in the south and Granada. The famous eruptions of lava on The Santiago Crater, combined with the incredibly accessible access, have become one of the top tourist attractions in Nicaragua. Hence, to enjoy a classic holiday, book your cheap flights to Managua soon. 

Ruben Dario National Theatre

The theatre can be divided in two parts The Main Hall, which seats 1,200 people and is home to large-scale shows as well as The Crystal Room, named for its two gorgeous Spanish chandeliers, and is used for art gallery exhibitions as well as intimate performances. Both have affordable admission prices as well as top-of-the-line shows that range from children's choruses to operas. Take a walk through the grounds of the theatre and get the most out of your time by scheduling your trip with a performance, which is the only time that the theatre is accessible for public viewing.

Somoto Canyon

Unparalleled adventure in a seldom explored region of Nicaragua's lush northern region rewards those who can make the 3 hour journey up to Somoto Canyon from Managua. Take a dip into the canyon during an adventure hike, or go on back on horseback through the fields of wild orchids. You can also stop to visit the caves of nature that line the edge. You can saunter along the rocky riverbanks and cool off in the secluded swimming holes, or take an instructor for cliff jumps or rappels and climbing up rocks. Make sure you book a Somoto Canyon tour if you are planning to take on any thrilling activities and thrills, as guides who are not certified often attempt to sell tours at the park's entrance. You can easily book your cheap flights from Chicago to Managua with Lowest Flight fares and enjoy a trip.

Old Cathedral Managua

The inspiration comes from the Saint-Sulpice Church (Eglise Saint-Sulpice) located in Paris This impressive structure is both a lasting representation of Nicaragua's past and an affirmation of the power of nature's forces. However, don't expect pews and prayers. Although you are able to look at the cathedral's statues, tapestries, and other artefacts through the barred windows, entry is not permitted due to security issues and concerns regarding the integrity of the building post-earthquake. Instead, walk around the exterior of the unrestored ruin to marvel at the timepiece, bell tower and pediment. These were constructed and designed within Belgium in 1920. They were later transferred to Nicaragua.

Tiscapa Lagoon Natural Reserve

There's not much to see in Tiscapa Lagoon Natural Park (Reserva Natural Laguna de Tiscapa) however, the sights are worth the time and a short drive from the city's central area of Managua. A brief historical exhibit outlines the brutal regime of Anastasio Somoza within an area that was his first built "dungeons," photos document the history of earthquakes and the ruins of the former palace of the president remain on the area of Tiscapa National Park Historic (Parque Historico Nacional Loma Tiscapa). Visit the statue of adored Sandinista founding member Augusto Sandino to look out over the city from the highest point. You can also take an hour-long zipline ride over the lagoon to enjoy unobstructed views.

National Palace of Culture

The vast National Palace of Culture The sprawling National Palace of Culture is most well-known to tourists for being the home to the National Museum. Visit all nine of the galleries, which are filled with pre-Columbian pottery as well as fossilised dinosaurs, Latin American paintings, and much more. Admission to the general public is free and includes access to English-speaking guides who can help you navigate the various exhibits. Combine your visit with visits to the adjacent Old Cathedral of Managua (Cathedral of Managua), Plaza de la Revolucion as well as Hotel el Gran Marquez for the ultimate experience of all the most popular Managua tourist attractions. If you want a more thorough and enjoyable experience, take the city tour which also includes Managua's National Palace and more far-flung places of interest within Managua.

Managua Metropolitan Cathedral

The Managua's Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Mary was built at a substantial cost, $45 million, of which a portion was given by the owner of Domino's Pizza, which upset a few Managuans and also its distinctive architectural style. The project was eventually completed to replace the old Cathedral of Managua (Catedral de Managua) which was mostly destroyed by the devastating earthquake of 1972 (though its ruins remain being used as a popular Managua tourist attraction).

Lake Managua

In a crater that is at 128 ft above the sea and only miles away from the Pacific Ocean, Lake Managua faces Nicaragua's capital city and numerous other towns that line its banks. While the lake's waters are notoriously polluted because of a long-running practice of flushing municipal sewage and other garbage into the waters, new efforts were taken to improve the health of the lake and beauty, as well as increase the appeal of visitors to the lake. The malecon (waterfront) region was cleaned and dredged back in 2007, which resulted in substantially cleaner shorelines, and an unnamed ferry company launched a cruise along the lake.