Mr. Deburr - The Ultimate Tool for Deburring and Finishing Metal Parts

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Metal parts fresh off the production line often have burrs, sharp edges, scales, rust or other defects that need to be removed before the part is ready for use. Deburring and finishing metal parts is an important manufacturing process that ensures quality end products with smooth, clean fi


Deburring is the process of removing the excess material or defects left over from manufacturing processes like machining, stamping, or laser cutting. These burrs and sharp edges are undesirable for a few key reasons:

- They pose a safety hazard for workers handling the parts. Sharp burrs can cause cuts and injury.
- Burrs affect proper assembly and function. Smooth surfaces are required for mating and moving parts.
- They negatively impact appearance. Visible burrs make a part look unfinished.
- Burrs reduce fatigue strength. They act as stress concentrators and can lead to early failure.

Traditionally, deburring was an extremely labor intensive manual process done by hand with files or abrasives. It was time consuming, injury prone, and inconsistent in result. Mr Deburr revolutionizes the deburring process by making it fast, easy, safe and consistent.

Mr. Deburr is a cylindrical deburring tool with a abrasive-coated flexible shaft. It attaches to any drill for high speed rotational deburring. The flexible shaft easily reaches into cavities and complex geometry. It conforms to surfaces and provides controlled, precision deburring action without damaging the part surface. Thousands of microscopic abrasive particles continuously fracture off during use, exposing fresh sharp grit to maintain optimal cutting ability.

Some key benefits of using Mr. Deburr:

Speed - Deburring time is decreased by 90% 
Simplicity - No training required, just attach to a drill and deburr
Safety - Reduces hand injuries from manual deburring
Consistency - Gives uniform results for every part 
Lower Cost - Reduces labor time and tooling costs
Multi-Purpose - Performs well on all metals - steel, aluminum, titanium, etc

Mr. Deburr saves manufacturers time and money while improving quality. It is effective on CNC machined parts, forged parts, castings, sheet metal parts, extruded parts, welded fabrications, and more.

Let's take a closer look at how this innovative deburring tool works and what makes it so useful for metalwork applications.

How Mr. Deburr Works 

Mr. Deburr consists of a flexible steel cable coated in microscopic abrasive particles. The shaft is encased in a plastic clamshell with a shank that fits into any standard drill chuck. As the shaft spins at high speeds, the grit particles fracture to expose fresh sharp edges that cut into the surface defects. The flexible cable easily accesses hard to reach areas and conforms to curved surfaces.

The shaft continuously releases spent abrasive to expose new cutting grit, so it maintains optimal deburring ability throughout its life. The grit size and shaft thickness can be selected based on the material being deburred. The one-piece construction ensures the grit stays evenly distributed along the entire length rather than collecting more heavily at one end.

Mr. Deburr is designed for wet deburring. Either water soluble oil or soapy water lubricant is required when using it. The lubricant flushes away the micro-particles eroded during deburring and keeps the shaft cool. The wet operation contains the metal particles and improves the surface finish.

The simple and intuitive design allows any worker to start deburring immediately with perfect results. There are no expensive power supplies or extensive training required. Just chuck it into a drill and begin lightly brushing the surface defects away.

Thousands of shops have adopted this innovative approach to deburring and finishing metals. The benefits are clearly realized in time savings, lower labor cost, and high quality finished parts.

Applications and Use Cases

Mr. Deburr excels at removing defects from all types of machined metal components across many industries including:

CNC Machined Parts

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining produces burrs and sharp edges along the machined features. Mr. Deburr can rapidly deburr the entire part after machining, regardless of complexity. For high production runs, it is easily automated in a robotic work cell.

Stamped/Punched Parts 

The shearing action of stamping and punching leaves significant burring and rollover along the edges. These must be cleared prior to plating or powder coating. Mr. Deburr makes quick work of removing the defects.


The rough surfaces and runner lines of castings are smoothed and finished with Mr. Deburr's flexible abrasive shaft. Grinding or filing by hand is eliminated.

Additive Manufactured Parts

AM processes like 3D printing leave behind a rough layered surface profile and loose metal particles. Mr. Deburr provides an efficient way to finish these complex geometries.

Welded Fabrications

Spatter, slag inclusions, and uneven weld toes are common defects when welding metal fabrications. Mr. Deburr is ideal for removing these weld imperfections.

Plastic Parts

The benefits of Mr. Deburr extend beyond metal finishing. It can also deburr and finish hard plastics like nylon, acrylic, polycarbonate, and fiber reinforced plastics.

And Many More...

In addition to the above examples, Mr. Deburr delivers superior deburring results on extruded profiles, molded parts, tubing, stamped contacts, turned parts, and any other manufactured metal components. It saves time and frustration versus manual methods.

Benefits and Advantages

Let's summarize the biggest benefits manufacturers can expect from incorporating Mr. Deburr into their processes:

Fast - Deburring time reduced by 90% over manual methods
Simple- Eliminates need for skilled operators. Just attach and deburr. 
Safe - Removes hand deburring risks 
Consistent - Gives uniform finish regardless of worker
All Metals - Effectively deburs steel, titanium, aluminum etc
Cost Savings - Drops labor, tooling and overhead costs  
Quality - Delivers precision, damage-free deburring
Automatable - Easily adapts to robotic automation
Environmentally Friendly - Uses only water lubricant

For any shop looking to streamline deburring workflow, reduce costs, and improve quality, Mr. Deburr presents an outstanding solution.

Getting Started with Mr. Deburr

Thanks to the simple and intuitive design, getting started with Mr. Deburr is straightforward:

1. Select the correct shaft thickness and grit size - Consider part features, tolerances and material hardness. 

2. Attach shaft to drill - Chuck the shaft end into any standard drill, variable speed preferred. Light tension only.

3. Wet the shaft tip - Dip in water soluble oil or soapy water. Re-wet frequently.

4. Deburr part features - Lightly brush the spinning shaft over the burrs and defects to remove.

5. Maintain steady axis angle - Work perpendicular to features for maximum cutting action.

6. Let the tool do the work - Use light pressure and high RPM for optimal results.

7. Refurbish shaft as needed - Grit will eventually wear down. 

Following these basic guidelines, any shop can quickly master deburring with Mr. Deburr. 

Cost Analysis

The return on investment for Mr. Deburr is rapid due to the major time and labor savings over manual deburring. Here is a sample cost analysis for a mid-sized machine shop (only a sample, not in real life application):

Current Manual Deburring Process

- 5 workers required for 2 hours each shift performing hand deburring 
- $40 per hour average burdened labor rate
- $400 per day spent on labor
- Slow process leads to production bottlenecks

Mr. Deburr Implementation

- $300 one time cost for deburring tool and initial shafts
- 5 minutes total deburring time per part with Mr. Deburr  
- 1 operator can deburr all parts produced
- $20 per day max spent on labor
- No bottleneck since cycle time is fast

For this example shop producing 100 parts per day, Mr. Deburr would provide the following savings:

Labor Savings - $380 per day, ~$100k per year 
Improved Throughput  - Eliminates production bottleneck
Amortized Investment - Paid back within one week of use

The costs savings Mr. Deburr creates allows shops to scale up production and reassign labor to other value added tasks. It is an extremely quick payback that permanently boosts operational efficiency.

Mr. Deburr provides manufacturers with an innovative and efficient solution for metal finishing. The flexible abrasive shaft conforms to part features and offers controlled, damage-free deburring. It eliminates the need for manual hand deburring which is slow, costly, inconsistent and injury prone. The tool minimizes cycle times, reduces operational costs, and boosts part quality.

Any shop involved with machining, stamping, casting, or finishing metal components should consider implementing Mr. Deburr into their processes. The rapid payback and boost in productivity will quickly offset the low investment cost. With Mr. Deburr, metal parts go smoothly from production to final assembly.