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A hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes through.

A hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes through a weak spot in a surrounding muscle or connective tissue called fascia. The common type of hernia is inguinal, incisional, femoral, umbilical, and hiatal. Hernia repair is a surgical operation for the treatment of a hernia and is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures worldwide. Hernia is caused by a combination of pressure and an opening or weakness of muscles. Sometimes the muscle weakness is present at birth but more often it occurs later in life. Hernia is very common amongst geriatric population. According to a 2013 Report by Vanderbilt University Medical Center, more than 350,000 people in the United States undergo Surgery for management ventral abdominal Hernias.


The hernia repair market is majorly driven by increase in prevalence of hernia, especially inguinal hernia, rising geriatric population base and adoption of robotic surgeries, technological advancement in the mesh materials such as biological mesh by key players. 

However, factors such as high cost of hernia repair surgeries and inconsistent reimbursement policies hamper the market growth. Conversely, increase in disposable incomes and rising patient awareness about hernia surgical procedures, the development of novel products by key vendors such as biological mesh and high market potential in untapped emerging economies are expected to offer significant growth opportunities of the market in the coming years. 

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The report analyses the global Hernia Repair Market based on product, procedure, hernia type and geography. 


On the basis of Product, the global hernia repair market is classified into mesh and mesh fixators. The mesh segment is bifurcated into synthetic mesh and biologic mesh. Mesh fixator segment is sub categorised into sutures, tack applicators, glue applicators and other. A mesh is utilised for supporting weak spots in the muscle while repairing the hernia. Whereas, mesh fixators are used to fix the mesh in its place to avoid displacement. The synthetic anticipated to observe lucrative growth over the forecast period attributed to the low cost of synthetic mesh in comparison to biologic mesh.


On the basis of procedure, the hernia repair market is categorized as Open tension Repair, Tenson Free Repair, Laproscopic Surgery and others. 

is expected to grow during the forecast period due to the presence of various benefits such as less scarring, less pain and faster healing time. However, the procedure is not recommended for larger and complicated hernias and when there is growth of hernias on both the sides.

Laparoscopic surgery observed to be is the most widely employed technique and possess various advantages such as less scarring, less pain and faster healing time. However, the procedure is not recommended for larger and complicated hernias. Further, tension free procedure is expected to gain momentum over the forecast period. Tension-free is a minimally invasive procedure, hence expected to get momentum over the forecast period.


Depending on hernia type, the market is fragmented into incisional hernia, umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia, femoral hernia, and others. As per the Regents of the University of California, approximately 800,000 inguinal hernias surgery performed every year in the U.S. Repair of Inguinal hernias is among the most frequently performed surgeries. Inguinal hernia segment is anticipated to hold a significant market share in 2018. The large share of this segment is attributed to the high number of inguinal hernia repair surgeries performed worldwide every year. 


By geography, the global Hernia Repair Market is studied across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the world. 

North America dominated the hernia repair market, owing to the improved health care facilities and increasing incidence rates of hernia disorder cases coupled with the strong demand for and adoption of advanced hernia repair products in the US such as biologic mesh. As these devices are priced at a premium, their high demand is resulting in large revenue generation for companies operating in the US.

the other hand, Asia-Pacific is anticipated to be fastest growing market over the forecast period owing to high population base, increase in disposable incomes, growing awareness of the availability of the treatment, large patient pool, and increasing government funding in healthcare facilities. 


The major players operating in this market include B. Braun Melsungen AG, Baxter International Inc., C.R. Bard, W. L. Gore Associates, Inc., LifeCell Corporation, Herniamesh S. R. L., Medtronic Plc., Ethicon, Inc., Cook Medical Inc., and Cooper Surgicals Inc. Insightra Medical Inc., Atrium Medical Corporation, Betatech Medikal, Purple Surgical International Ltd., and Integra LifeSciences among others

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